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Come Swim with us in Clearwater, Florida - Open Water Training - "As Seen in Men's Journal Magazine"
Boot Camp

Our Open Water Boot Camp offers comprehensive, training sessions tailored to meet your needs. Qualifying swims for the English Channel or Manhattan are possible in Florida during the winter. Temperatures at Clearwater Beach in January and February usually hover around 60F, so we can help you train for cold water swimming or we can help you do a qualifying swim for the English Channel or Manhattan. Our warm summer waters are great for open water training with a concentration on technique, navigation, and training drills. Private training sessions last 4 to 8 hours. Group sessions are also available. Call or Email to reserve your date.

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Tampa Bay
Marathon Swim
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Read about my 3 swims of the Triple Crown

1. THE ENGLISH CHANNEL: Swimming Everest - by Terry Tomalin of the St. Petersburg Times - The 21-mile crossing of the English Channel is the open-water peak for challengers such as Ron Collins. They call it the Everest of open-water swimming. "It doesn't matter how many times you have swum around Manhattan or across Tampa Bay," Collins said a few days before he would attempt to add his name to the record book. "When it comes to long-distance swims, there is only one that matters and that is the English Channel." MORE>>>

2. MANHATTAN ISLAND: One Lap, 28.5 Miles - by Terry Tomalin of the St. Peterburg Times - This race took place only 9 months after 9.11.01 and the 28 Mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim starts and finishes near Ground Zero. The circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan took about 8 hours to swim, but all thoughts were still on the tragic events that took place nearby. MORE>>>

3. CATALINA CHANNEL: Catalina Channel Do-Over To Achieve The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming - Swimmers who complete three famous marathon swims are added to a list for completing the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Believe it or not, it's become wildly popular to swim the 21 miles (33.7 km) across the English Channel between England and France, the 20.2 miles (33 km) across the Catalina Channel in Southern California, USA, and the 28.5 miles (45.8 km) around Manhattan Island in New York, USA. MORE>>>

Marathon SwimThe 19th Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim is on April 16, 2016

Tampa Bay's marathon swim race is one of the world's longest, and covers the entire length of Florida's largest estuary.

October 5, 2015 Update- Entry forms are available for the 19th Annual 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. Please email the race director for details at collins@tampabay.rr.com.

The starting line for the swim is the Magnuson Hotel Marina Cove Resort - 6800 Sunshine Skyway Lane; St. Petersburg, Florida 33711. Phone: 800.227.8045 or 727.756.1151.

The race has been named one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims and has been listed as one of the 30 "World Swimming Majors" by The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA).

The Finish Line is located at Ben T. Davis Beach on West Courtney Campbell Causeway; Tampa, Florida 33607.

Marathon SwimSince this event was first staged in 1998, it has drawn competitors from across the United States, and from Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Baliwick of Jersey, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Germany, India, Canada, and the Cayman Islands.

More information about the 24 Mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim is available at www.DistanceMatters.com. Email the Race Director for more information, or to indicate your interest in entering as a swimmer or to receive more information about becoming an event volunteer.
For more information, contact:
The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim
Distance Matters, Inc.
Ron Collins, Race Director
PO Box 18004
Clearwater, FL 33762-9998
727.531.7999 | www.DistanceMatters.com
Email: Collins@tampabay.rr.com

Visit the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on Facebook to connect with other participants, and view pictures/video from the event, dating back to April 1998. Go to Facebook Now >>>


Tampa Bay Marathon Swim Records

7:41 - Chris Derks, 2002 (Overall & Men's Record)
7:51 - Penny Palfrey, 2008 (Women's Record)
18:09 - Andrew Heinrich, 2015 (Swam the Longest)
9:52 - Ron Collins, 1998 (First Swimmer)
8:34 - Gail Rice, 1998 (First Woman)
7:53 - Team Hammerhead, 2006 (Fastest 3 person Relay)
7:39 - The Sharks, 2006 (Fastest 6 person Relay)
14:21 - Carl Selles, 2014 (Oldest Male Swimmer, age 67)
10:21 - Barbara Held, 2011 (Oldest Female Swimmer, age 57)

Past Results

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